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But Protestants do not see it as quite so simple. Reformed Apologist James White gives us an example of the most common objection to our “Catholic” view of this text:

On the other hand, was Joseph ever a chatterbox? Silence surely must have been his strong suit throughout his entire life. Even after the angel appeared to advise him in a dream not to refuse to allow Mary to live in his home, because the child she bore was the Son of the living God, who had come down out of heaven to “save his people from their sins,” Joseph still does not speak. Instead he acts , and with the most admirable and amazing alacrity, too. But it could hardly have been an easy thing for him to do. Nevertheless, in biting that particular bullet, he reveals a most just and resolute heart. Indeed, in his readiness to serve the woman he loves, rather than expose her to the law, we see the grandeur of the man, his life seared with the memory of an ancient promise delivered to God’s people, which he as a true son of David longs to see fulfilled. And who will shortly see, amid the most prosaic details of a perfectly ordinary life, hidden away all those years in Nazareth, all that had been promised by God between a Mother and her Child—whom he, Joseph, is being asked to preserve and protect with his very life.

On my first day, he said, “You’re going to work. Don’t give them any headaches and you’ll bring in some money.” We were poor. We had ice on the walls, and we slept three in a bed just to keep warm. My brother showed me what he was doing, and soon I was cutting fabric too. At twelve o’clock, on that first day, my brother said, “Okay, let’s go for lunch.” I responded, “You’re going to lunch, but I’m going home. I quit.” “Quit? You haven’t even started yet!” I’ll never forget it. I took a couple more jobs after that, but I lucked out through a friend who was getting promoted in a dress factory. He said, “I’ll teach you, but the first two weeks are without pay. If you’re good, I’ll hire you at 16 bucks an hour.” I didn’t know the value of 16 dollars; we would spend the money at the racetracks anyhow.

Joseph Magazine Night Of The Red SkyJoseph Magazine Night Of The Red SkyJoseph Magazine Night Of The Red SkyJoseph Magazine Night Of The Red Sky